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Are you struggling keeping up with the demands of your small or large business? Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to finish your work? Do the majority of your calls go to voicemail? A telephone answering service is the right option for you if you answered “yes” to any of these questions.

Our telephone answering service serves as a virtual reception for your workplace as we employ expert trained customer service representatives to answer your phones, record meetings in your diary and organize your daily schedule. Connect’s services allow you to focus on your business while we train our employees to answer your customer’s calls.

The idea is simple, you work out in the field, spend time with your family or take meetings and focus on any aspect of your business while our expert trained, and friendly customer service representatives answer your incoming phone calls.

All calls are answered in the UK, we never outsource our employees for our business telephone answering service as we want to be easily relatable, knowledgeable on the area and informed as to what your business is about.

A virtual receptionist ready to answer your company calls
Our Services Include

If you are struggling to keep up with the plethora of incoming calls and your current customer service representatives are overwhelmed we can help alleviate the burden. We have hundreds of UK based customer service representatives ready to answer phone calls for your business. Provide us with the same script you use with your in house employees and allow us to help your big business grow even

We also have the capability to transfer calls as needed to other department such as a marketing or sales department if you have teams that are in the office working. Likewise, we record information in your online diary and manage appointments as you wish. If you are unable to answer a call in need of transfer our expert trained employees will record the message and relay information to you as you wish.

A small growing business needs constant care and attention. We understand that if you are running a business that is our own or managing a small business your time is needed in all aspects of the business. Outsourcing a virtual receptionist can be the best decision you make all year for your growing company.

Acting as an in house receptionist our virtual assistants work with a provided script answering calls with as a friendly voice on the other side of the telephone line. We will answer questions as you wish and treat your business as if it was our own. Expert time management and customer service skills are honed in our training and you will receive nothing short of an A+ employee on the other line.small business

If you are out in the field or in meetings we can send you an email and let you know of any urgent matters at hand. We are happy to direct any calls to the correct employee or simply organize an online diary for you to manage. Often we work with medical professionals who have a large amount of incoming calls that need appointment settings. Our virtual assistants are happy to provide this service for you. Need to know immediately if an important client is calling? We act as an in house assistant and can put the client on temporary hold and connect you to the call within seconds.


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  • All calls answering in the UK (so never outsourced)
  • Suitable for all business sizes, big or small
  • 30 day, no obligation free trial
  • Operating hours for live receptionist 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday
  • Personalised voicemail outside live receptionist hours which emails recording instantly
  • Calls can be transferred to another department or a message can be taken
  • Online diary management

Why Choose Connect Telephony?

At Connect we employ only the best to help serve your business. Friendly, prompt and organized our customer service representatives and virtual assistants are trained to completely dive into your business and act as if they are in the office. Your clients will not know any different.

Our business thrives on excellent customer service and our clients are repeatedly happy with the service we provide and pleased with the positive effect our service has on their business.

Try our risk free, 30 day trial to see for yourself! We want to help you make more time for necessary work events as well as free time while growing your business. Try us on today and see the difference a virtual assistant can make.

Reasons to use Connect Telephony
With Connect Telephony I have quality answering service which helps me a lot with  managing my business. As a small business owner, I highly recommend everyone who never want to miss a good business opportunity. Maire Anderson

A good business owner wants to have satisfied clients. With Connect Telephony answering my calls, I know everything without talking to my clients on a daily basis which gives me time to get on with work. Michael Willson

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