How Do We Do It?

When you have made the decision to use our service we work together with you creating a script, series of questions and general information regarding your business for our trained customer service representatives to follow.

You create the guidelines and we follow them as a friendly voice on the other side of the line. You also dictate how calls are transferred. If you are in a meeting or out spending time elsewhere we can contact you via telephone call, text or email if it suits you.

Our employees are trained to know and understand your business as if they were sitting in the office next to you. Working remotely within the UK our expert telephone answering representatives are a friendly voice at the other end of the phone. Calls are answered promptly and we are constantly monitoring and improving call answering techniques to best suit your business.

Our representatives for your professional answering service operate during normal business hours of 8am-6pm. After hours our message relaying service will send a voicemail directly to you via email. We work around the clock to ensure you are up to date and informed on the incoming calls of your business, allowing you to focus your time and energy elsewhere. Why worry about lost business with missed calls when you can have a representative answering your calls and greeting clients with a friendly demeanor each and every time?

We employ state of the art, up to date technology that allows you to see and experience calls and diary management as it is happening. We make it easy to see what has happened within a day with organized dairy management and top of the line communication. Our work is clear, concise and organized so you can easily maneuver through calls, appointments and conversations that have occurred within the day.

Got more Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to ask us.