Our Services

Connect Telephony is one of the most trusted names in the industry because we understand the needs of your business, whether it is big or small. As an industry leader in call answering services we pride ourselves on offering services that are innovative, authentic and professional.

At Connect Telephony we offer customers the ability to free up valuable time while a friendly customer service representative takes care of the incoming calls for your business.

How can our company help yours?

Our highly trained employees act as an in house go-to employed to answer customer questions, book appointments and act as a between you and your clients. We train our first responders to read from an approved script of your making that applies directly to your business. Your business deserves attention and we want to make sure your customers don’t go to voicemail during working business hours. Our professionals answer you calls, transfer service and record messages that are important to your company.

  • Answered Calls 100% 100%
  • Users Use Virtual Receptionist Service 85% 85%
  • Messages Successfully Saved 98% 98%

We lead the industry in expert customer service and customer relations because we dedicate ourselves to your growing business. We offer in house services from a remote location that include: offering a call answering service, telephone answering service and specialized virtual receptionists to take care of your business. Our dedication to our customers can be seen in the extensive results we produce for our valued customers. We act as your ears for the company while you are out and away which allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Connect Telephony is the best investment you will make in your company. Rely on us to take care of the business while you are away or busy attending other meetings. Call us today to speak to a customer representative about how we can help jump start your business with Connect Telephony today!

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