Telephone Answering Service

If you find calls going directly to voicemail during normal working hours resulting in potentially missed opportunities a telephone answering service is perfect for you and your business. A telephone answering service is a service provided for entrepreneurs as well as large and small business owners who find their time stretched.

Never miss another call during business hours again

Your clients and potential clients don’t want to hear a voicemail on the other line; they want to hear and correspond with a real person to answer their questions. During business hours Connect Telephony can help you make that happen!

As an industry leader we aim to set our expectations above the competition and employ only the best customer service representatives and virtual receptionists for your small or large business.

We give 100% of our attention to your customers allowing you to go about your day putting your focus elsewhere in the business or allowing you to free up time for your family.

Our customer service representatives are ready from a remote location to answer incoming calls, record notes and appointments in an online diary as well as answer any questions your clients have. We provide a first stop for your client’s unique needs.

You provide a basic script or structured conversation for us and we will execute the Q&A as you describe. If you would prefer we transfer calls to you our representatives are fully equipped to provide call transfer service to you or to a different branch within your business.

Operator gives professional service answering your company telephone calls

Connect Telephony connects you with highly trained professionals while saving you money.

Never worry about an in-house representative taking too many sick days or having to cover the phones in addition to your own work tasks. With a virtual assistant you don’t have to pay for sick time, vacation time, training or benefits.

In addition to saving you money with our virtual staff, our cost-effective plans are uniquely catered to your specific wants and needs.

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All you need to do is provide basic instructions and our virtual staff will take it from there.

We believe the key to success lies in the service you receive. We are fully committed to serving your business needs and working together with you to watch your company thrive while giving your clients the time, attention and one-on-one care they deserve.

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