Virtual Receptionist

Connect Telephony’s virtual receptionists act as the first stop for customer service needs. Never miss another call with a virtual receptionist who is fully equipped to provide the same care an in house receptionist is able to provide. Use our expert team in addition to an existing customer service team to increase availability and talk to more customers more frequently.

Why should you outsource to a virtual reception?

  • To save money – Employing a virtual receptionist or virtual team means you don’t need to pay for a benefits package, provide vacation time, work around sick days or stand in when you are short staffed. Connect Telephony employs virtual receptionists to work with your business during normal working hours. We also provide our customers with service plans that will easily fit your budget.
  • Increase call volume – With a virtual assistant you are able to reach more people at a faster rate. Decrease wait times and reach more clients with a virtual receptionist standing in while you are away. The fewer calls that reach your voicemail, the better. We work for you to increase call volume and decrease missed opportunities.
  • Avoid missing calls – Having a virtual assistant ready to answer and transfer calls as you see fit means you have another line of communication open to your customers. Your customers will be greeted with a friendly voice ready to relay helpful information about your business. Our staff can schedule appointments, record an online diary, transfer calls to you or the necessary group as well as provide top of the line, quality service regarding any inquiries they might have.
  • Provide better customer service – Whether you want one virtual receptionist or need a team, we are ready to provide your business with better customer service. Our employees are ready to serve your business with customer service options that will take your business to the next level.

Consider a virtual receptionist or a team of virtual receptionists as a smart investment in the future of your company. Don’t waste another minute missing calls and losing opportunities to make your company the best version it can be!

Got more Questions?

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