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Do you sometimes need another receptionist but not all of the time?

Our service is perfect for companies that have unusual or unpredictable peaks in their call volumes. It can be used as an overflow for your main reception either all the time or just when you are short-staffed because of lunch breaks, illness or holidays.

We will answer you calls in exactly the same way as your receptionist would and we can then either take a message or transfer the caller through to the relevant person or department.

  • Callers greeted in the same way as your receptionist would
  • We can take a message and email/txt correct department
  • If you run an online diary we can book/check appointments
  • Callers can be transferred if asking for a particular person
  • You choose when to use us, no need to notify
  • Starter tariffs from as low as £19.99 per month


Overflow cover for small and large companies

A lot of our clients don’t even have one full-time receptionist, let alone a team, so instead they use us essentially as their front desk.

Callers are greeted in our client’s company name and then our operators are guided on-screen with all the relevant information to proceed

30 Day Free Trial

We offer all new enquiries a 30 day, no obligation to continue, free trial of our service.

Set-up is quick and easy and our receptionists could be helping to answer your calls in under an hour from now.

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